WoW Hunter Guide – Why They Are the Class of Choice

Having the great ability to cause devastation from a safe distance and specializing in ranged attacks make the Hunter class in WoW specifically an important DPS class. This class usually would situate themselves away from the primary melee where they volley devastation at a distance. In addition they also are capable of tracking, taming, and training a number of beasts. Being able to cause great ruin at a distance as well as sustain their positions when at melee situations, make the Hunter mostly the class of choice among World of Warcraft gamers. To know how to play your Hunter at its full potential, acquire a WoW Hunter Guide.

The Hunter class has three talent trees namely, Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Survival. Both Marksmanship and Survival if compared to Beast Mastery are better when DPS capability is put into consideration. A Marksmanship hunter is mostly doing physical damage and you can get utmost DPS with this talent build. On the other hand, a Hunter using the Survival talent build is not that dependent so much on gear unlike a Marksmanship Hunter that is why they are a lot easier to play. The damage it can inflict comes from and is done primarily by explosive shot which creates fire damage instead of physical damage. The Beast Mastery hunter tracks, tames, trains and befriends wild beast that can be found all over World of Warcraft and use them to fight enemies. With the help of an excellent Hunter Guide, you can efficiently employ these talent trees.

Settling on what Hunter race to choose is key. In the side of the Alliance, Dwarf, Night Elf and Draenei are the ideal choices. Dwarves have Gun specialization and Stoneform spell while Night Elves have stealth and their Prowl and Shadowmeld abilities are very advantageous. In the case of the Draenei, what make this race perfect Hunter class are its Heroic Presence and Gift of the Naaru abilities. World of Warcraft Hunter Guide will further provide detailed description of these races and their abilities.

Meanwhile at the Horde side, Trolls, Tauren, Orcs, and Blood Elves make ultimate hunters. Trolls are perfect Hunter class since they have skills like Bow specialization and Berserker that can reward you with DPS bonus. Furthermore, Trolls are considered well-rounded Hunter because they as well have the abilities such as Beast slaying, that allows them to kill beast and Regeneration which restores their health. Taurens makes ideal Hunters due to Warstomp, which is the ability to cause damage without having to be face to face with their enemies. In the case of the Orcs, their skill to diminish stun effect with Hardiness ability and skill to give their pets extra damage power with Command ability make them excellent Hunter class.

Hunters can have pets when they attain Level 10. Your pets can be utilize to attack your foes and keep them busy while you target them from a safe distance. Its Arcane Torrent ability which effectively attacks and target enemy casters as well as restore mana swiftly is the main factor that makes Blood Elves ideal Hunter class. An excellent WoW Hunter guide will give you full and thorough information about these races.

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